Articles, case studies
  • The Facts issue No.1
    Respiratory Disease in Exotics and Small Mammals
  • The Facts issue No.2
    Control of Circovirus Infection in Psittacine Birds Using F10® SC Disinfectant and Avian Gamma Interferon
  • The Facts issue No.3
    Minimum Inhibitory concentration (MIC) and Zone of inhibition determination methods to be used when testing F10® SC Disinfectants
  • The Facts issue No.4
    Determination of disinfectant residues in tissue after oral supplementation of drinking water with F10® Disinfectant
  • The Facts issue No.5
    The need for Biosecurity in a Veterinary Practice today
  • The Facts issue No.6
    F10®, A Novel product range most suited to Zoological Medicine
  • The Facts issue No.7
    Some experience in the use of F10® in the treatment of reptiles
  • The Facts issue No.8
    The use of F10® in Falcon medicine: Practical applications
  • The Facts issue No.9
    The role of F10® Products in the Aviculture Health and Hygiene strategy at the new international centre for Birds of Prey
  • The Facts issue No.10
    Some experiences and successes with F10® Products in Equine Practice
  • The Facts issue No.12
    Biofilms: Importance and control in Biosecurity and Disease management from a Veterinary perspective
  • The Facts issue No.13
    F10® Used to treat abscesses in two African Elephants
  • The Facts issue No.14
    F10® Used in the process of Enucleation and Exenteration in Exotic animals
  • The Facts issue No.15
    Managing dog bite wounds and fly strike in Hedgehogs
  • The Facts issue No.16
    Traumatic facial wound in a Nile Monitor
  • The Facts issue No.17
    Keep it Clean - The use of F10® as a treatment for bacterial and fungal disease in Anurans
  • The Facts issue No.18
    Keep it Clean - A Tasmanian field hygiene manual to prevent the spread of freshwater pests and pathogens
  • The Facts issue No.19
    Antifungal efficacy of F10SC veterinary disinfectant against Bactrachochytrium dendrobatidis

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