Disinfectant Products

All F10 products making claims for the control of animal diseases have been registered with full marketing approval under Stock Remedied Act 36/1947.


Note 1 (Mode of Action): The active components of F10 disinfectants are cell poisons and act on the cell membrane rupturing it with loss of essential components: destroy enzymes within the cell: disrupt DNA or RNA sequence: interact with other essential elements within the cell. Interact with ~ SH bonds and rupture them. At high concentrations will in addition fix the proteinaceous components of the cell. Additional activity is via the other components which aid the penetration of the cell wall or spore wall, act as enzymic poisons, chelating agents for certain essential metals, fix proteins, etc. Generally it can be described as a multilethal action and not specifically aimed at one site on or in the cell wall.

Note 2 : SDS comply with the requirements of SANS 10234:2008: Globally Harmonised System of Classification and labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

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